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  • THG/TDG efficient Bucket Elevator With SH Type Hopper is used for lifting dry, bulk, fluidity powder, granular and block material, whereas Zh type hopper is often used for lifting slight moist, easy caking, bad fluidity powder material.
    THG/TDG efficient Bucket Elevator is using high strength ring chain as it traction component, the maximum material temperature can be reach to 250 ° C. TDG type bucket elevator’s traction component is EP belt and steel belt. Common belt used in bucket elevator is able to lifting material with temperature less than 80 °C while the material temperature by heat-resistant belt should be less than 120 °C.
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    1. Reasonable bucket design with large capacity;

    2. Large lifting capacity, advance lifting height;

    3. Installed an automatic tension device;

    4. High strength ring chain and wearable;  

    5. Adopt steel belt with good toughness and high strength.